Saturday, June 30, 2007

Critical Mass Convert

My cousin was visiting me yesterday. I told him that he should come with me to the Critical Mass bicycle ride to see what it's all about. I offered him my extra bike (the 12-speed) but he declined. He just wanted to see it, not ride in it.

Well, he was really excited by the ride. He kept saying how awesome it was. And Man, I should have brought the bike! I think what he saw may have politicized him. He saw a car force its way through some corkers at Davie/Thurlow and narrowly miss hitting some riders and pedestrians/on-lookers. This driver also gave everybody the finger. My cousin kept talking about how the drivers should just mellow out and calm down. He wants me to help him fix up his mountain bike and I think he'll be in the Mass next month.

One thing that surprised me on the ride yesterday was the bus drivers who were getting out of their buses to argue with corkers. It's like they don't know what Critical Mass is. Doesn't Translink give their drivers a heads-up about it? And maybe also some advice about how to deal with it? I suspect that a bad way to deal with it is to rev the engine of your community shuttle bus and glare out the window. Also, when we turned north onto Main from Broadway there was a trolley-bus in the middle of Main. I didn't see how it got there, but it may have been a combination of inadequate corking and an aggressive bus driver.

I had a great ride. I corked on Broadway, and the driver of the car at the front of the line told me she was going to call 911. Heh, hello police, I'd like to report that Critical Mass is happening.

I left the ride early to have dinner on Davie street. Fortunately the Mass went right by the restaurant I was going to. And I wasn't even late.

Don't Throw Away Your Coffee Grounds!

I came across this information while searching for something tangentially related. Source:
Lose 5 to 10 inches all over your body in an hour. This really does work!!!! Rub fresh un-brewed coffee grounds all over your body then wrap yourself in saran wrap. Leave your face exposed please. Find a warm place to sit for 30 minutes to an hour and try to stay as warm as possible. Put on sweat suit, sit in a sauna, or stay in the bathroom with the door closed to keep the heat in. Run the shower as hot as possible to steam up the bathroom. Measure yourself before and after to see the results. I lost 2 inches in my legs, 1 inch in my arms and 2 inches in my hips. This is a short cut version to my typical herbal body wrap, but this does work and you feel great afterwards.