Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mandatory Helmet Law

It's bike month in Vancouver, and there are lots of reports of the police hanging around giving out Informational Tickets to scofflaw cyclists who have the temerity to ride around without a helmet.

Now, CBC: Vancouver police shock 'distraught' woman with Taser

A 55-year-old woman fell to the ground and hit her head after being stunned by a police Taser Tuesday morning, Vancouver police said.

Non-ideal situations like this could be avoided if helmets were mandatory for the entire population. That way, head injuries would be greatly reduced for citizens that must be tasered. Wouldn't it be worth it if even just one head injury was avoided?


Blogger Tyler said...

Ha! Love your walking helmets and auto helmets ideas. I've been using the same argument for a few years. And living in Vancouver, the potential earthquake helmet to be worn 24/7 and the showering helmet, as many people fall in the bathtub each year. That last one is to be strictly enforced by the police... the very police that jump into the street(helmetless) to give me a no helmet ticket on my bike.

07 May, 2011 21:41  

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