Thursday, April 09, 2009


Vancouver Sun: Allergy sufferers on guard against storm of pollen

For at least the last week I have had what I initially thought was a cold. It went away and then it came back on Monday with a vengeance. Itchy eyes, runny nose, a weird feeling in my throat.

The weird, itchy feeling in my throat got worse, and I started to think that I had asthma. I have never had asthma. Why do I have asthma now, all of a sudden?, I thought to myself. In my distressed state of mind I concluded that my asthma was the result of toxic black mold in my walls. Sometimes I become very dramatic and arrive at very negative conclusions with a feirce certainty.

Stephen Rees saved me. I sent complaints about my symptoms out into the twittersphere and he responded with a link to this Vancouver Sun article about seasonal allergies.

I hope the rain pulls some of the excess pollen out of the air.

Also, maybe this post will cause people to arrive at this blog from google searches for allergies. Right now I'm the top result for anemia self diagnosis.


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