Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Status Quo

As a rich white man I heartily applaud the four out of ten elegible British Columbia voters who got off their arses yesterday and maintained the status quo.

Our entire political system (nay, our entire society) is designed to cater to my needs and whims. Sometimes I get nervous at election time -- will something change this time? Thankfully, the rich white men with close-cropped salt and pepper hair spoke soothingly to you about how great things are and how great they will be in the future, and you responded wonderfully. Or you just didn't respond, and did not bother to vote at all, which is perfectly fine as far as I'm concerned.

And no, I have not forgotten about electoral reform. A big thanks for defeating Single Transferable Vote! The system we have now (which, as I said earlier, is GREAT for me, a rich white man) is basically guaranteed to be in place for the foreseeable future. You have really put a bullet in the pathetic head of electoral reform once and for all, I think. No worries for me from now on.

Now please excuse me, I'm going to celebrate by purchasing some energy stocks with some of the money I have laying around.


Blogger Chris said...

I weep

13 May, 2009 16:51  

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