Friday, June 26, 2009

Dream Job?

After one year of work, each employee receives an ownership stake in the company and a free custom bicycle. After five years every employee enjoys an all-expenses-paid trip to Belgium -- the country whose centuries-old beer tradition serves as a model for the Fort Collins, Colo., brewery. Oh yeah, and employees get two free six-packs of beer a week.

Working in a brewery, a custom bicycle, ownership stake. Yes, please. And a trip to Belgium, which not only has a centuries-old beer tradition but is also home to the hardiest and most insane of professional cyclists. Belgium Knee Warmers? Yeah.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vampires on wheels

Vampires on wheels, Vampire autoist. We need to bring this term back into common use:
The democratization of the automobile in the late Teens and Twenties was not without its social costs. Neighborhood pedestrians conditioned to horse-drawn traffic were slow to adapt to the new speed of life; drivers didn't know what the fuck they were doing. The consequent death toll gave rise to the journalistic concept of the "vampire auto," which basically meant a hit-and-run car.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mandatory Helmet Law

It's bike month in Vancouver, and there are lots of reports of the police hanging around giving out Informational Tickets to scofflaw cyclists who have the temerity to ride around without a helmet.

Now, CBC: Vancouver police shock 'distraught' woman with Taser

A 55-year-old woman fell to the ground and hit her head after being stunned by a police Taser Tuesday morning, Vancouver police said.

Non-ideal situations like this could be avoided if helmets were mandatory for the entire population. That way, head injuries would be greatly reduced for citizens that must be tasered. Wouldn't it be worth it if even just one head injury was avoided?