Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Feel Safer Already

No one is immune to stupid trends: Vancouver Arms Transit Cops. Some quotes:
“I guess it makes me feel a little bit more secure although I didn't feel all that insecure,” said Robert Smith as he got off the SkyTrain downtown.
Lorna Christie, who rode in from the suburb of White Rock said the move will make more people feel safe and entourage them to use the system more often. “I think that would be good protection for those who go on the sky train and prompt more people to want to go,” she said, adding she thinks B.C. is getting less safe almost by the week.
Yes Lorna, it's getting less and less safe almost by the week. The obvious way to make it safer is to add guns to the equation.
Each officer is equipped with a .40-calibre Glock C22 semi-automatic pistol, an Austrian-designed weapon that can carry up to 17 rounds.
The CBC's story: Vancouver transit police begin packing guns. I feel safer already. Remember, More Guns == More Safety. Just keep saying that until you believe it. It seems to me that all skytrain riders' chances of being on the receiving end of a stray bullet just went up.