Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yesterday morning was very crisp and frosty. The previous night had been clear, not overcast, so the temperature was quite low. Fun for riding because you get that crunchy hissing sound when you ride over frost.

Anyway, I was riding along and I saw a car approaching from the left on a cross-street about half a block ahead. It stopped at the stop sign (weeeeeeelllllll, rolling stop) and then made several little tentative moves forward. I moved a little to the left just to make sure that the driver would have a really good chance to see me. Just as I get there, though, the car jolts forward and makes a left turn, almost right into me. I had to swerve to the right to avoid a collision.

I was a little ticked off. How could this driver not have seen me? Or did they see me and turn anyway? That would not have surprised me. Then I noticed the windows on the right side of the car; the side closest to me, and the side the driver would have been looking through to make sure the path was clear for the left turn. The windows of the front and rear passenger doors were completely covered in opaque white frost. The rear window was not much better.

You can't make this sh*t up. Would you drive around with your eyes closed? Would you drive around with garbage bags taped over most of your car's windows?

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