Friday, November 10, 2006

Things I saw on my commute V

  • Last night on Central Blvd. the car in front of me was slow getting started when the light turned green. I looked through the rear window and saw the driver fumbling with something on the dashboard which I thought was probably an MP3 player. At the next light I take another peek and it is actually a Sony PSP (not sure) displaying a movie or a music video. Yes, this dumb sh*t is watching movies while he drives.
  • A guy labouriously riding a tandem bike by himself (Ontario near 37th).
  • Two separate near-collisions with other cyclists on two separate occasions. The only explanation is that the other cyclist blew a stop sign (in one case) and blew a stop light (in the other case). WTF man, if you're in such a fecking hurry that you can't be bothered to slow down and take a look maybe you should get a car. I love how the stop-sign-ignorer looked back and gave me a withering glance.
I rode to work today despite the dire weather forecast. My feet got absolutely soaked. Riding in the rain was fun, though.