Saturday, November 04, 2006

Things I Saw on my Commute IV

Here are a few from last week and this week:
  • Lots of people with flashing white lights on their bike helmets. Reminds me of a toy I got from my aunt and uncle for Christmas in 1978. It was my favourite toy for the entire time I possessed it, which was for all of about 2 hours (max) before my parents took it away from me. It was a red fireman's helmet with a battery-powered siren. Awesome.
  • Northbound cambie bridge in the evening. It's raining, and the clouds are really low. Two guys canoeing in False Creek. The guy in the rear of the canoe has a red blinkie on his back.
  • Beach Ave. turning up onto Thurlow. There's a cyclist in front of me on a sweet looking road bike. His left leg is prosthetic below the knee. He's clipped into the pedals of course. He went up the hill like it was nothing and turned East.