Friday, October 20, 2006

Things I saw during my commute this week II

  • Two boys, nine or ten (?) years old, acting as crossing guards on 45th Ave. They're on opposite sides of the street and they each have a small hand-held STOP sign. One yells across to the other Did you finish your graph?
  • A few days later, just a block from the crossing guards (although I'm sure they were not involved): A police car with lights flashing parked in the middle of the street, directly behind a sporty maroon car which has a very very crooked front left tire. There were no other cars around: if it was a car accident then the other car was able to drive away, or it was towed away. It looked kind of like the car's tire had been shot out.
  • This morning, a woman stopping to smell the roses. Literally. She was riding up the hill in front of me on 37th Ave. and she pulled over to the side, got off her bike, and smelled the flowers on a big hedge/bush in someone's front yard.