Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weather "predictions"

The way they were talking on the CBC this morning you'd have expected to see scenes out of the friggin Book of Revelations on the streets today. It's rainy and wet out there, folks, Don't forget about the wet leaves on the pavement!, Chance of thundershowers!!1. Well, I took my bike to work anyway. It was a nice crisp fall morning with mostly blue skies. Of course I still had these extreme weather predictions in my mind so I wore my scavenged/improvised rain gear (my old columbia rain jacket, my old wind/snow pants, and little covers for my shoes which I suspect are completely useless because they only cover half my foot). The windpants make my legs really hot so that is annoying.

I hope the nice weather lasts until tonight. I guess it is just impossible to predict the weather with any kind of accuracy here.

And a follow-up regarding those 10 year old crossing guards: I saw them again today and they were wearing white hard-hats.