Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Cycling Anecdote

This took place before Christmas but I have not posted it until now. Not for any particular reason, since it's not a sensational story or anything.

I was coming down Cypress and was passed by a guy on a yellow racing bike who was wearing a matching yellow spandex/lycra (?) outfit. Of course I caught up to him at every major intersection.

He also passed a woman on one of those electric assist bicycles. Now she was going pretty slow, but I did not pass her because I knew that we would all catch up to each other at 16th, 12th, Broadway, 4th, etc. So at 12th I talked to her a bit about the electric assist bicycle. She says that it is great on hills but everybody passes her on flat sections. Before I passed her on the next flat section I told her that there would always be another hill coming up for her to catch up...

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