Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Um, fourwaystop?

This morning the traffic lights at the corner of Willingdon and Central in Burnaby were not functioning. They were unlit in all directions. I saw Skytrain Emergency Response Vans at both Patterson and Metrotown stations, maybe it was related to the skytrain. If the four way stop rule was being observed it was too subtle for me to notice.

I was standing there straddling my bicycle, near the sidewalk. Also waiting on the sidewalk was a woman with her little toddler, and a woman in an electric wheelchair. I think I was the first one to notice that the lights were out. I pointed this out to my companions as I got off my bicycle and joined them on the sidewalk.

I saw a break in the south-bound traffic so I cautiously pushed my bike out into the crosswalk. My companions followed me, and we crossed the street basically acting as each other's crossing guards. I'm not sure if the north-bound traffic would have stopped for just me; I was probably lucky to be accompanied by a mother-and-child and a woman in a wheelchair.

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