Friday, November 02, 2007

Novel: Day 2

Wow, who would have thought that writing a novel could be so friggin' difficult? I sat down last night for a couple of hours and only managed 500 words. Combined with about 500 from earlier in the day my total is now hovering just over 1000 words. That is well below the pace I need to achieve (and maintain!) for the rest of the month.

Other aspects of novel-writing I am finding frustrating:

  • This morning during my bicycle ride to work I thought of a super-fantastic title for my book. I should have pulled over and written it down, though, because now I can't remember it.
  • The U key on the old laptop I'm using for this endeavor is sort-of broken. If you're not paying attention while typing and making an effort to strike that key in a very specific and forceful way, your keystroke will be lost. So for example the phrase Shut up! is recorded as Sht p!
More updates may follow next week. I'm going into a deep hermit-like seclusion this weekend and I want to hit the 10,000 word mark by Sunday's end. So don't even try to contact me, as I'm unplugging the phone and will only be checking my e-mail 5 times per hour.

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