Sunday, September 30, 2007


Down with Falcon and his gateway Down with Falcon and his gateway Down with Falcon and his gateway And up with democracy
I was at the rally yesterday down at the north end of Cardero street. There were quite a few people there even though the weather was not ideal: cold, rain, wind. I just listened to the news report on CBC radio, and the crowd was described as dozens. I always like to see the Raging Grannies.

Throughout the event I watched the auto traffic negotiate the corner. I guess I should not be surprised but many of the cars and SUVs were flying around the corner without regard to the wet road conditions or the people crowded on the sidewalks and occasionally spilling out onto the street. I also watched a car honk at and then closely pass a cyclist as the cyclist came down Cardero north-bound.

I'm afraid that the weather eventually defeated me and forced me to leave early -- I could not feel my hands. As I crossed the street heading south, an SUV came around the corner and reluctantly slowed down, but did not fully stop as I crossed.


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