Friday, July 27, 2007

Commute VIII

Riding on 45th, going up the hill toward Nanaimo. I'm riding just barely to the left of what will become the door-zone as there is a line of parked cars ahead. Lots of automobiles are passing me on my left because we all just went through a traffic light (I was first in line).

I heard some kind of exclamation come out of one of the cars as it passed me. I'm still not sure what the driver said. She may have said "get off the road!" but it was mostly unintelligible. There was a big dog in the back seat. I waved to the driver while trying to catch her eye in the rear-view mirror. The funny thing is that I caught up to her about 5 up-hill blocks later, at a four-way stop. I didn't get a chance to talk to her, though.

Two days later I encountered her again. Going through the same traffic light, with cars gingerly passing me on my left where there are speed humps. I noticed that one of the cars was in a big old hurry. Went over the speed hump a little too fast in fact, and scraped/bounced the bottom of the car. Well what do you know, it's my friend who yelled something at me the other day.

So I madly chased her up the hill waving my hand the whole time, desperately trying to catch her eye in her car's rear-view mirror. But apparently she doesn't ever look at her mirror. She was pretty ticked off that she had to slow down because a mini-van ahead of her was turning right. This is why I was able to so easily pace her for 2.5 blocks or so, going uphill. When the minivan had finished turning, she FLOORED it and I couldn't catch up with her. Heh.



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