Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh those clever writers

Washington Post: Blind Faith: Americans believe in religion -- but know little about it.

Quote: More than 10 percent think that Noah's wife was Joan of Arc.

Now, in the horrid looking movie Evan Almighty Steve Carell's character Evan Baxter is told by God to build an ark, or something. Digression: inexplicably, this forces him grow a beard. Is this because in the Bible story Noah has a beard? Newsflash: If Noah had a beard I'm guessing he wasn't alone. EVERYBODY HAD A BEARD. Must Evan Baxter also wipe his a** with leaves? Or refrain from using a 4-pronged fork while eating? I refuse to ever watch this movie. I feel this way about 99% of movies.

Anyway, Evan Baxter's wife is named Joan. I'm sure the committee that supervised the writing of this movie named the character Joan intentionally. But did they stop there, and leave it as something subtle that the audience may or may not notice, a little easter egg? My guess is No. I'd bet that they ham it up big time and thoroughly bludgeon you over the head with her name at least a few times.



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