Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Self-diagnosis: anemia

So after exhaustive research I've determined that the cause of my orthostatic hypotension is low blood pressure (duh). You wouldn't believe me if I told you how low it was! I've also determined that I have anemia (I won't go into the particulars).

The real scoop here is that both of these conditions were caused by excessive consumption of green tea. For quite some time now I've been drinking about 2 litres of green tea per day. I am also mostly vegetarian. Some studies have shown that green tea can hinder the absorbtion of iron from plant sources. It's true. The layout and design of this page should remove all doubt from your mind.

So now I'm taking a multi-vitamin and not drinking any green tea at all. I feel better after only a few days. I really like green tea so I plan to re-introduce my body to it once this pesky nutrient deficiency works itself out.

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