Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cycling: bad for the economy?

Kitchener-Waterloo Record: Cycling: bad for the economy?
Sure, you might think that regular bicycle riding would be part of a healthy lifestyle, but do you really want to be healthy? Health Canada says that 47 per cent of the Canadian population is considered overweight. What will be the economic impact on medical testing labs, fitness clubs and junk-food makers if some of that 47 per cent find that cycling helps them to lose weight and become healthier?


Imagine what would happen to the foundation of the North American economy if you used your bicycle for ordinary single-person trips under five kilometres. You might use your bicycle to ride to the corner store or the post office.


And without the gas guzzlers lined up at the pumps, will the Alberta oil-sand sector falter? All because you chose to buy a bicycle.

I've thought in the past that if everyone behaved like I do that it would be very bad for the economy. Mainly because I don't eat out that much, or buy stuff that I don't actually need. Note: yes, I need chocolate milk.


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