Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister

An intriguing comment by Peaked at on Stephen Rees' blog:
I just learned from a reliable source that the Vancouver Police Department held a little "simulation" at the VCC/Clark Station this past weekend.

Apparently, they're preparing for radical environmentalists to take over a Skytrain car. Had a SWAT team, the whole nine yards. The "organizers" taped the windows of the car over to prevent any gawkers and were nice enough to let the "terrorists" negotiate for pizza, among other items.

Somebody in the media should call the VPD and ask why they feel "radical environmentalists" are a threat to the Skytrain.

Unsurprisingly, the Vancouver Police Department has not put out a press release about this. I wonder what a hypothetical radical environmentalist or eco-terrorist would do after taking over a Skytrain car. Demand safe passage on it to Cuba?


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