Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Bicycle

Clean Air Foundation to Lead National Scrappage Program, Bicycle Trade Association of Canada applauds new vehicle scrappage program.

Yeah, I'll bet they're applauding it. This is yet more Corporate Welfare for the bicycle industry, or as I call it, Big Bicycle.

When is someone finally going to stand up to these guys? Look at the resources we as a society already devote to bicycles: the constant maintenance of bicycle lanes, the tens of thousands spent on bicycle parking facilities, the law enforcement man-hours devoted solely to policing bicycle riders in a vain attempt to keep them from killing themselves and others, and then of course the inevitable costs to the health-care system. And yet here is more money from the public coffers going into the pockets of Big Bicycle.


Blogger lisitsa said...

Sgt Tumeric You are a stupid git. Yeah thats right-- you can keep driving your fat SUV with your fat backside and your high cholesterol. Unlike some people, cyclists want to enjoy getting around with the wind through their hair without your exhaust fumes in their face.

Go die already from a petrol explosion.

10 June, 2008 16:15  
Blogger sgt.turmeric said...

Lisitsa, please read some more of the blog, this post is more representative.

What I was going for here was irony, since the auto industry gets tonnes of direct handouts (250 million over five years for an automotive innovation fund??). Not to mention the massive indirect subsidies through virtually free on-street parking and constant road maintenance and expansion.

Also the thousands killed in car crashes (not accidents) every year, as well as air quality etc.

Reading my post again now I see that killing themselves and others, and ... the costs to the health-care system could be read as having something to do with bike helmets, which was not my intention.

I thought that the term Big Bicycle and the claim that untold tens of thousands are spent on bicycle parking facilities was absurd enough to be a clue but I see that I'll have to be more over-the-top if I ever do a post like this again. It's not your fault -- out there on the Internet there is probably a post very similar to this that is deadly serious.

11 June, 2008 09:14  

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