Friday, November 14, 2008

iPod Killer!

According to this piece by Kevin Maney the iPod is doomed:

Hauling around thousands of songs on a hand-held device or computer hard drive just so you can listen to your favorites will soon feel overly extravagant and cumbersome, like keeping a cow so you can eat your favorite cheese.

Instead, we'll get music from "the cloud" -- technically, "somewhere on the internet, but who cares as long as it shows up when I press this button." We'll have access to a service that holds every song ever recorded, letting us listen to anything, anytime, from any device.

Sounds great! I never saw it coming. Who knew that the fabled iPod Killer would turn out to be The Cloud?

Fortunately in this bright fiture, no one will ever want to use their CloudMusicDevice in the following situations:

  • On an airplane
  • On the subway
  • When the power goes out
  • Inside a Faraday cage

Remember this day, folks. Or the dateline of the column (sometime in October 2008). It's when it became clear that The Cloud would kill the iPod.


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