Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CBC Radio 2 Format Change

It's the end of the world!!!
I thought maybe Radio 2 Morning would be tuned to the quiet morning but most of the music had a beat (unnecessary), vocal and was not peaceful enough to drink my morning coffee quietly.
I hate music that has a beat, too.
Re the new Tom Allen show: thanks but no thanks. Not morning music by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, classical music is the only morning music.
Unless it has a beat.
So, here's me looking forward to my classical music and what do I hear ? Someone called Billy Brag with a guitar, then horror of horrors, some old French guy singing something from an old '60's movie , like "The Party", or an early Pink Panther ?
Oh my God, Billy Bragg?! CBC really has joined the unwashed masses. I mean, you can't turn on a commercial rock/pop station without hearing Billy Bragg. Also: the only acceptable guitar is one with nylon strings.
My inner voice ranting at the new show hit its peak with Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone although the CD, mercifully, skipped
Dylan. Get a haircut, hippy!


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