Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's open season on negligent drivers

Globe and Mail 2008 July 15: Vancouverites urged to release inner vigilante (emphasis added):
An eye-gouging fistfight between a good Samaritan and a purse snatcher has prompted Vancouver police to offer qualified support for vigilante action, suggesting citizens should feel free to indulge their inner Batman if they have the martial and physical skills to prevail against bad guys.


Police don't encourage the average person to act, he said, but "some people have outstanding skills.

"Maybe it's an off-duty police officer. Maybe it's somebody that studies the martial arts that's very used to hand-to-hand combat scenarios, or maybe it's just somebody that's so angry and incensed at seeing somebody victimized that they feel they're just going to do something," Constable Fanning said.

Alrighty. The next time I feel angry and incensed at being victimized by a negligent (or possibly malicious) automobile driver, I'm going to come out swinging (or maybe gouging). The VPD says it's OK.


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