Friday, November 28, 2008

Cardboard bankrobbers

Recall this story from the summer: Vancouver police unveil cardboard cops
The idea is to put life-size cardboard cutouts of police officers holding radar guns on the side of the street. People think they are real cops and so they slow down.
Well, in New Jersey, a cardboard figure of a person inside a Somerset County bank kept police at bay for 90 minutes:
Authorities tried to make contact with whoever might be in the building. Officers used bullhorns, and then tried to call inside the building, Forrest said.

After failing to get any response from the figure inside, the SWAT team entered.

To their chagrin, they discovered the "person" seen inside the building was a full-size cardboard figure, Forrest said.

It's clear that the only reasonable response is to ban cardboard.


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