Friday, May 16, 2008

Ing-Spray III

We're right in the middle of Spring and Bike to Work Week is almost upon us (prediction: that URL will be broken by July).

That means that the fair weather cyclists are appearing on the streets. I have nothing against fair weather cyclists -- riding in the rain, in the dark, the wind, and the (relative) cold of a Vancouver winter isn't for everyone. In fact it makes a lot of sense to not do it. It's a bit masochistic -- commuting by bicycle in the winter is one of the three (possibly four, depending on precise definitions) masochistic facets of my personality, in fact.

One annoying thing about these eminently reasonable people who choose to start riding their bicycles to work after the vernal equinox is that many of them think that it is some kind of race. This race mentality manifests itself in many annoying behaviours that violate the Code of Bicycle Commuting. Now, this Code only exists in my head as far as I know. I'm planning to write it up and post it on this blog soon.

What it boils down to for the purposes of this post is: do not pass someone and then immediately slow your pace. For example, passing someone going down a hill and then switching into your granny gear on the up-hill that immediately follows.

Also, don't do crazy stuff like riding on the sidewalk at full speed to pass someone, or passing fellow cyclists by blowing by them as they slow at a four-way stop. Just relax. Take it easy. We're all going to catch up to you at Knight street, anyway.

We're racing to work here, people. Does the person who gets there first really win?

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