Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So-called Professional Drivers

At least once each week I am almost side-swiped by a school bus while riding on 45th Avenue (a designated bicycle route, in case you were wondering). Invariably a school bus driver will pass me, and then, because of approaching traffic from the other direction, will be forced to swing back to the right immediately after passing me. This brings the back of the (short) school bus within two feet of me and my bicycle. This happens with Translink buses as well.

For various reasons today was the day that I decided it was time to confront the f*cking idiot driving the bus that almost killed me. Usually I just let it go but today I caught up to the bus and forced it to stop. This was done easily and quickly because immediately after passing me the bus turned left at a traffic calming circle. I'll say it again: the driver of this bus is a f*cking idiot. Does it make sense to pass me dangerously when you're about to turn left anyway?

I went around the circle the wrong way and stopped in front of the bus, yelling (I think) What the f*ck was that?. The driver opened the door and made some stupid remark that I didn't hear clearly. I said You almost hit me back there!.

The driver then said Oh, sorry, the windows are fogged up and I didn't see you.

That's just about the stupidest bullsh*t excuse I've ever heard. This bus approached me from behind and saw me well enough to move to the left to pass me. I guess after passing me the bus driver just totally forgot that I was there? And then cut hard to the right. And then put on the brakes to prepare to turn left around the traffic calming circle.

I'll say it again: the driver of this bus (bus number 2075) is a f*cking idiot.

Normally I would not post something like this but today (not sure why) I think that it's not too much to ask that I be able to ride my bike on a bike street and not be nearly killed. To celebrate I'm declaring the rest of the week Take The Lane Week. I'm going to ride right in the middle of the lane at all times, and if I hear a vehicle approaching from behind I'm going to move to the left. If you want to pass me, go fully into the other lane, b*tches.

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