Monday, November 19, 2007

Tips for Happy Riding

I didn't think it was going to rain this morning. Well, I thought it might rain a little bit, you know, a light mist or drizzle. But I didn't put on my rain gear. When I left home, it was drizzling a little bit, as I had expected. About half-way to work I had to admit that no, this wasn't mist or drizzle anymore, this was first-class rain. My pants were well on their way to being soaked. My legs were freezing as a result. My shoes (and so my feet) were getting wet, too.

It made me think of Tips for Happy Riding at the Rivendell Bicycle Works website. One of these so-called tips reads Go for a one-hour ride underdressed sometime, because it's good to be really cold on a bike every now and then.

Well, today I did it. I was both cold and wet. Maybe that's why it wasn't very happy -- it only works if you're merely cold?

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